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General Questions
Is my driving license valid or we need to make international one?
What are the Age restrictions & How many drivers can drive a vehicle?
Vehicle Booking
How to Book your Vehicle?
How to change the Booking?
How to cancel the Booking?
Prices and Payment Methods
What are payment conditions for the Booking?
What is included in the rental price?
Which is a payment currency?
How can I pay for the vehicle?
What is the Hourly Difference?
Pick-up and Drop-off of the vehicle
Can I pick-up/Drop-off the car from another location, that is not mentioned in the booking?
Why do some cars show Transfer Fees besides a Rental Price?
Can I get Airport Pick-up and Drop-off since I need the car right from the Airport?
How I will find you at the airport? How should we get the car when we arrive? Will somebody be waiting for us?
Can we collect and return the car out of office working hours?
What is the One Way rental condition?
What are the insurance conditions?

100% Insurance - Vehicle, in case of an accident of your own fault

100% Insurance - Vehicle in case of damage by any third party

100% Insurance – Vehicle in case of any damage by fire, theft or any other damage caused by a third party

100% - Damage to a third party (no matter whose fault is the accident), in limit of $10,000

100% - All accessories (mirrors, glasses etc.)

No franchise and zero deductions in any accident, theft or any other damage

Passenger Insurance -  Please note, our insurance includes the vehicle insurance only not a passenger insurance.

What we recommend is to take a good travel insurance package when you will be leaving to Georgia it usually has a better terms and coverage than any Georgian one.

 * Any damage or loss made to passengers or to any property inside the vehicle during an accident or rental period are not covered by insurance and not refundable by  any party. We advise to apply for travel insurance in your home country for personal and item insurance if needed.

*Tyres damaged during off-road driving are not considered as an accidental damage by any insurance company in Georgia. Payment for the tires made on off-road surface vary from 35 EUR up to 95 EUR max
What is the third party insurance?
How many drivers are included in price? Do I have to add additional drivers to an insurance?
How does insurance work for Armenia?
What if stealing or robbery happens?
In case of any malfunction in the car without an accident what is the replacement policy?
In case of accident, how much we have to pay?
Mileage and Petrol
What is a mileage limitation?
What kind of fuel and petrol stations are recommended for the car?
What is the price of fuel?
How intensive are the Petrol Stations in Georgia?
How much is the cost of one full tank of petrol and how many Kilometers the car usually goes?
Car Accessories
Which GPS navigator is the best to use in Georgia?
Is the Child seat obligatory in Georgia?
Where can I get local Sim Card?
Cross Border Rentals
What are Cross Border Rentals & Territorial Restrictions?
Can I go to Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan?
Can I leave the vehicle abroad?
Can I go to Osetia, Apkhazia or Nagorniy Karabakh?
Do the Crossing Border Permit include all people in the car or it is only for one person?
What is the timetable of office in order to pick up and drop off the car?
How early can I come get the car?
Other questions
What type of tires are the vehicles equipped with?
What are the parking policies in Georgia?
Can I drive minibus and 8+seats vehicle?
Can I get the driver assistance service?
Which options do we have for listening music ? Is there any USB interface on the dashboard or any cable jack input?
Do you offer Standard Left-hand drive cars, or you have right-hand drive cars?
How much do I pay for additional accessories?