Términos y Condiciones Generales de Alquiler - CARS 4 RENT

Términos y Condiciones Generales de Alquiler

Driving License 

  • Any valid driving license which is printed in Latin or Cyrillic alphabet is acceptable on territory of Georgia during one year after Car Renter’s arrival 

Age Restrictions 

  • Any driver who is at least 21 years old and has 1 year of driving experience is automatically insured with all conditions listed below 

Booking the Vehicle 

  1. Online reservation by checking the available vehicle according to the date and location on the front page https://cars4rent.ge and make an online reservation. Reservation is free of charge, and you do not need to make an online prepayment 
  1. Email reservation (support@cars4rent.ge) you can send you request, and we will make a reservation for you 
  1. Phone reservations are accepted on our 24/7 service hotline (+995 557 17 11 44) 
  • If you have any questions regarding reservation or rental period can be put in the Notes field and will be answered ASAP 
  • We recommend you have a look through available vehicles for the rental period according to the date and location before making an email or phone reservation. 


Changing the Booking 

  1. By Email (support@cars4rent.ge), 24 hours before the start of the rental 
  1. By Phone (+995 557 17 11 44), 24 hours before the start of the rental 
  • Change of the booking is free of charge  


Cancelling the Booking 

  • Booking Cancellation if Free of Charge and can be done 24 hours before the start of the rental from the customer account, email or 24/7 hotline 

Conditions of Payment 

  • Standard Online reservation does not require any prepayment. Confirmation is done by activation link in Reservation email 
  • Payments by Credit Card are also done after arrival on vehicle pickup, you can choose the payment method during online reservation   
  • Full payment must be done on the first day of the rent to be applied automatically applied for a no deposit rental 

Zero Deposit Policy    

  • All rentals are deposit free  
  • Exceptions:  There are only a few premium class vehicles require a deposit payment which you can see in "Deposit required" field during the booking process 

 Payment methods: 

  1. Cash, on the first day of the rental 
  1. Debit/Credit Card payment (Viza or Mastercard Debit or Credit Card) additional charge of 3.5% is added to the rental price. Card payment can be made during vehicle pickup (not online). You can select a card payment during the booking process.  
  1. Bank transfer, must be requested by email and paid at least 1 week before the start of the rental and paid by invoice 
  • Cash and Debit/Credit Card payments will be charged in GEL according to official exchange rate issued by the National Bank of Georgia (https://www.nbg.gov.ge) on the first day of the rental.  
  • Bank transfers can be paid in EUR or USD according to the issued invoice 

Rental prices include: 

  • VAT and all other taxes 
  • 100% Casco Insurance (details listed below) 
  • Any number of drivers applied for vehicle insurance 
  • Unlimited mileage 
  • 24/7 Customer support and Assistance 
  • Free Cancelation 

 Casco Insurance (Included) 

  1. 100% Vehicle Insurance in case of any accident of your own fault or other party 
  1. 100% Vehicle Insurance in case of any damage by fire, theft or any other damage caused by a third party 
  1. 100% Third Party Insurance (TPL). Damage to a third party (no matter whose fault is the accident), in limit of $50,000 
  1. 100% All accessories (mirrors, glasses etc.) 
  • No franchise and zero deductions in any accident, theft, or any other damage 
  • Tires damaged during driving are not considered as an accidental damage by any insurance company in Georgia. Payment for the tires is charged 60 EUR each tire 
  • In case of losing vehicle keys payment for the key is 100 EUR 
  • Any damage or loss made to the driver, passengers or to any property inside the vehicle during an accident or rental period is not covered by insurance and not refundable by any party. (According to the Georgian legislation it must be covered by your travel insurance during the entry to Georgia) 

Maintenance and Breakdowns 

  • Car renters are obligated to inform customer service about any problem that appears with the vehicle to avoid more damage to the car and safety reasons.  
  • In case of any malfunction or a breakdown CARS 4 RENT is responsible for a vehicle change in any region of Georgia or neighboring countries.  

 Rules Regarding Timing & Late Return 

  • Car Renter must return the Car in a timely manner as negotiated. Any delays between 1-8 hours will be charged with 50% of rental day price, and any delays between 8-24 hours will be charged full rental day price. 24+ hours delay will be charged with double price unless negotiated beforehand 
  • If there is any chance the return might be late, the Car Renter should contact CARS 4 RENT Support immediately to agree on the new time of return.  
  • In Case of early return of the you will receive 40% cashback from days left for rent. Less than 24 hours early return no cashback is provided 


Delivery & Collection 

  • Delivery to any place in the city or the airport is free of charge and can be selected during the booking process 
  • Standard office open hours are 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday 
  • Out of hours delivery and collection Service is 24/7 and pre-booked vehicles can be collected from the office or delivered to the address / airport 24/7 without any additional charge 
  • Pickup and return during Holidays / Weekends is also free of charge  


Territorial Restrictions and Vehicle Types 

  • All vehicles are separated in 3 categories: 
  1. For City / Highway, are not allowed on any off-road  
  1. For Easy Off-Road, are allowed on any road except Tusheti, Ushguli and Lentekhi regions and Aklatsikhe – Khulo road.  
  1. For Difficult Off-road, are allowed any official road in Georgia 
  • None of our vehicles are allowed to cross occupied territories (Abkhazia & Osetia) 


One Way Rentals 

  • National One-Way Rentals are prices are calculated automatically when you search for available vehicle according to the date and location. 
  • International Crossing of the border can be done with all vehicles (unless indicated otherwise), but pickup and drop off location must the territory of Georgia. 


Cross Border Rentals  

Cross Border Rentals are allowed to the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan (must be selected during the booking process) 

Cross border rentals require a special bilingual permit issued by a notary and charged 89 EUR for each country and any number of days abroad 

  • Please take in count that border permits require one full working day to be issued by a notary. It can not be issued on non working days or holidays.
  • During crossing of the border, you must purchase an additional minimum obligatory insurance which costs approximately 20-30$.  
  • If you do have an accident in Armenia or Azerbaijan, we advise you to use our insurance not the one you buy at the border as it has much better terms. 


Rules Regarding Fines 

  • If during rental period Car Renter violates any parking or traffic laws, Car Renter is obliged to compensate the amount of fine (NOTE: documentation from official government sites for ex. https://parking.tbilisi.gov.ge, https://police.ge, etc. Are provided for the payment).  
  • In case of video fine, Car renter is obliged to follow the instructions CARS 4 RENT and take responsibilities on fine provided by our staff 
  • Fines that have been handed personally to the driver are registered in police database on Car Renter ’s name and must be paid by Georgian law before departure from the country 
  • CARS 4 RENT does not charge you any extra fees for penalties besides penalty for drinking and driving. If you get a penalty for drinking and driving, you will lose your driving license for 6 months, your vehicle will be confiscated by police, and you will be charged 500 EUR penalty from CARS 4 RENT. Tolerance for alcohol in Georgia is 0.3 promilles.

Campers & Camping Equipment 

  • Territorial Restrictions: Camping vehicles are allowed on non-official roads in Georgia (lakes, forest roads, etc.),  
  • Insurance: All insurance terms apply to Camping vehicles however as there is no insurance coverage for any damage made to the vehicle done on non-official roads any damage made to the vehicle must be covered by the customer only. Fee for the vehicle repair will be provided by CARS 4 RENT, if there is any misunderstanding with the payment, an invoice for the payment amount can be provided by the insurance company. Note: Usually, the insurance company counts much bigger amounts as we try to take minimal and fair charge that we need for repairs.  
  • Malfunctions: All standard terms also apply to camping vehicles, excluding malfunction on non-official roads. In case of malfunction on restricted territories CARS 4 RENT is responsible for a vehicle change, but the fees for delivering the vehicle to the destination must be covered by the customer. The standard Fee for the change is 0.5 EUR per km from Tbilisi city.  
  • Camping Equipment: Any camping equipment provided together with a camping car is not insured, any loss or damage must be covered by a customer, list of equipment and fees for damage or loss are provided as an annex to your rental contract. Fees include only the price for equipment, no extra penalties for any damage or loss. 


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